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I make websites that you can manage

It's one thing to own a website... it's another thing to own a website that you can manage on your own, and that's where WordPress and Drupal come into play. With either of these powerful CMS platforms, I can build you a website that has its own administration interface where you can manage your own content, and that's a huge bonus when it comes to saving time and money. Your CMS website will come complete with all menus and pages in place, server setup, email setup, SEO setup and more. Contact me today to get a free quote on your next WordPress, or Drupal CMS website. 

  • unrivaled security
  • 16,000+ awesome modules
  • powerful database capabilities
  • user friendly content management
  • unlimited customization and display options
  • lightning fast setup
  • 40,000+ awesome plugins
  • simplified design & build interface
  • vast online presence of helpful resources
  • the #1 favorite for blogging & small business
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I spent much of my early years programming Basic code on a Commodore 64. As technology advanced with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I moved on to making things like graphics, logos, labels, and product packaging. In the early 90's, the internet became the next big thing and I quickly jumped into building websites. After years of hand-coding websites, I discovered the wonderful world of database driven content management systems (CMS), and I fell head-over-heels in love with it. Today, I spend all of my web development efforts in programing Drupal and Wordpress content management systems.


My first camera setup was a 35mm Canon AE1 and a handfull of good lenses. I shot many hand packed rolls of Ilford B&W and spent my nights locked away in a friend's basement lab, developing film while listening to my favorite music. I longed for the day that digital sensors could replicate the quality of 35mm film, and when that day arrived, I bought my first DSLR and never looked back. Today, I make photographs of anything involving people, nature and architecture.


I paint, sculpt, mold, weave, and whittle my way around a multitude of personal art projects. Some of those projects take me on completely new paths and I've acumulated a fairly wide scope of talents in the field of fine art. At the moment, I'm exploring wooden boxes made form exotic (sustainable!) woods from around the world.

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Some samples of my work...

These are a few of my clients that have had their website built on Drupal and WordPress CMS platforms. From the most basic personal websites, to highly complex archival websites, I've designed and developed a variety of excellent projects for a variety of happy customers who are now enjoying the benefits of having full control over their website's content.


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I'm here to answer your questions and to let you know why your website should, absolutely, be built upon either a Drupal, or WordPress Open Source platform. When you understand the countless benefits of managing your own content, while the software handles all of the background operations... everything else pales in comparison. Contact me today for a free quote and some good advice.

Thank you for visiting, and please drop by to check out the latest additions to my growing list of happy CMS clients.

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